Logging into Check In Station

Created: 11/13/2017Updated: 11/14/2017

To use the check in functionality of Roll Call, you need to log on with a username that is a check in user type user. To start Roll Call, double click on the Roll Call icon. The Login window is displayed. If you do not get the Login screen, that means the security system is not activated. You’ll need to give the Director user a password. See the chapter on ****“Check In Setup”.***

If you are already logged into Roll Call, but are in the back end of the program where you look up people and groups, you can get into the Check In portion, by expanding the check in/out menu, then selecting Launch. This will bring you to the Login window so you can login as a check in user.

Once you log in, you’ll be taken to the check in screen. This screen can look different depending on the type of check in user you’ve signed in as. These options are discussed more in the chapter on **“Check In Setup"*.

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