Roll Call Connect Checklist

Created: 11/16/2017Updated: 11/16/2017

  • Get a fixed IP from your ISP
  • Register a domain for use with Roll Call Connect
  • Set the IP address of your domain
  • Get an SSL Certificate for your domain
  • Configure the machine(s) for Apache Web Server and Roll Call Server
  • Make modifications to your Router to support Roll Call Connect
  • Install and start Apache Web Server
  • Test default Apache Web Server
  • Install and start Roll Call Connect
  • Configuring Roll Call’s Web Server for use with Connect
  • Configure Apache Web Server for use with Roll Call Connect
  • Restart Apache Web Server
  • Configure Apache Web Server to automatically start
  • Configure Roll Call Server to automatically start
  • Test Roll Call Connect access
  • Configure Roll Call Connect (Settings, Permissions, Online Giving, etc.)

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