Created: 11/16/2017Updated: 11/16/2017

SSL Certificates

We recommend that you use HTTPS calls to Roll Call Connect so that the data is encrypted. We also recommend that you use Apache Web Server in front of Roll Call’s Web Server. The configuration steps below are configured to support TLS v1.0 rather than the obsolete SSL v2 or SSL v3 protocols.

You can purchase an SSL Certificate from a number of Vendors or you can contact us and purchase your SSL Certificate through us using our Vendor. The Certificates are industry standard 256 bit encryption certificates.

Roll Call Connect Logins

In order to log into Roll Call Connect you must provide your email address and password. When a new account is set up, we validate that the email address and last name entered match the profile we have in Roll Call. If it does, we send an email to that email address with a link allowing the password to be set. This ensures that the person trying to create the account has access to the email address on record.

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