Family Picture Directory

Created: 11/09/2017Updated: 04/20/2018

The Family Picture Directory includes 12 family pictures per page plus name and ontact information below the picture.

To create the directory, do the following:

  1. Expand the Directory menu on the left sidebar.
  2. Highlight Family Picture.
  3. The window that is displayed allows you to determine which families to include in the directory. Click on an association name on the left side to move it to the selected column on the right side to include those folks.

Family pic dir gif

  1. If you’d like to select your families on something other than association, click USE QUERY EDITOR to call up that list of people. For more information on using the query editor see the Chapter on “Using the Query Editor”.
  2. Then next window will allow you to choose only those families that have pictures or all families. Make your selection.
  3. Mark address, phone, and family email to have that information printed below the name under the picture.


  1. Press CONTINUE to send the report to the printer. familypicdirectory

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