Check Reader

Created: 11/03/2017Updated: 11/07/2017

The check reader, approved to work with Roll Call, is the Mag-Tek keyboard wedge device, check reader. You may order this from us at 800.554.9116 and we’ll configure it for you. To begin recording donation, get to the Enter Contribution screen. See section on “Enter Contributions through the Batch”.

  1. Slide the check through the check reader, with the magnetic numbers on the bottom facing inward.
  2. If Roll Call recognizes the account number, the name of the donor and the check number will be displayed. All you need to enter is the Amount and the Designation. Press SAVE & NEW to enter another donation.
  3. If Roll Call does not recognize the account number, it will ask you to identify the donor. Enter the Last Name or portion of the last name. A list of all people with that last name will be displayed. Double click to select the appropriate person.
  4. Now the account number from the check and the person are linked. The next time you get a check from them, Roll Call will automatically pull up their information.

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