Sync Events from Count Me In

Created: 02/20/2018Updated: 03/05/2018

With Roll Call, you may synchronize the events and registrants from Count Me In (CMI) online registration system. By pulling this information into Roll Call, you’ll be able to see the events your people are attending, perform check in for those events and record attendance for events.

Set Up

Before you can pull your events into Roll Call, you must generate an API token in Count Me In. To do this:

  1. Log into Count Mein
  2. Use the drop down menu under your account name
  3. Select Integrations
  4. Click on the Count Me In API tab
  5. Click the GENERATE TOKEN button
  6. Click the COPY button to the right of the API Token


Once you have the API key copied, you’ll need to paste that into Roll Call. Expand the Events menu and click on CMI Event Sync.

From this window, paste the API code into the API Key field. Then click the TEST button to make sure that Roll Call and Count Me In are communicating properly.

Synchronizing an Event

When you are ready to pull in event data, expand the events menu and click on CMI Event Sync. Click on the EVENTS TO RETRIEVE button and select either Live, Ended or All Events. A list of all your events will be displayed in the grid below. To sync and event:

  1. Select a default Family Position for each person that will be added to your Roll Call database. If the event is a children’s event, make the Family Position “Child”. If the event is an adult event, make the Family Position “Adult”.
  2. Check the box under the Selected column, for each event you’d like to sync.
  3. A window will be displayed allowing you to map the CMI registration fields to the Roll Call fields.


  1. Click SYNCHRONIZE to begin the process. You’ll see the processing log on the left side of the window.
  2. If the system finds a possible match between a CMI registrant and a record in the Roll Call database, the Roll Call data will be displayed under the Possible Matches section.


  1. If you determine that one of the Roll Call records is the same as the CMI registrant, click the box to the left of the name, then click USE SELECTED. If there is discrepancy between the Roll Call data and the CMI registration data for this person (for example a different address) a profile differences window will be displayed. You will have the option to update the Roll Call data with the registration data.


  1. If you determine that the CMI registrant is a completely different person than the ones listed under Possible Matches, click ADD NEW.

When all the event registration data has been pulled into Roll Call, you’ll see a message in the lower left indicating that Processing is Complete.

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