Connect scan with a person ID in Roll Call

Created: 11/14/2017Updated: 12/01/2017

When a person arrives to check in, you’ll need to first identify that person in Roll Call. Click on the FIND BY NAME button and click on the specific individual. From the Automated Attendance window, note this person’s ID in the upper right corner. Next, bring up the Biometric SnapOn Adapter.

Click on the Fingervein ADMINISTRATION button to enter this person’s Roll Call ID and scan their fingervein. fingervein5fingervein6 From the Fingervein Admin window, enter the person’s ID number, then click on the REGISTER A NEW PRINT button. fingervein7 The next screen allows you to scan the individuals fingervein. Make sure you set a standard for which finger and on which hand will be scanned. Click on the right side to capture the fingervein. Have the student place their finger on the scanner. They will need to scan their print three times. A message will come up indicating a successful scan.fingervein8

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