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Created: 10/25/2017Updated: 04/19/2018

There are 3 options for sending emails through Roll Call.

  1. Use By the Book as your provider
  2. Use your organizations outgoing email provider, with Global Settings for each Roll Call User
  3. Use your organizations outgoing email provider, with Individual email credentials for each Roll Call User

You will choose the option you'd like under Preferences>Email Preferences. Based on the option you choose, different information will be required under the File>MyEmail menu.

Use By the Book

If you opt to use By the Book as your email provider, each Roll Call user will simply enter their return to address.


Use Global Settings

If you chose the option to use your organizations outgoing email provider, but with global settings, no additional information is required under the File>My Email menu.

Use Individual Settings

If you will be using your organizations own outgoing email provider, the following information will need to be set for each Roll Call user:

  1. Select File> My Email Settings from the top menu.
  2. Choose your preference for Plain Text or HTML emails.
  3. Enter the Return Address. This is the “from” email address. If a recipient replies to the email this is the email address it will go to.
  4. Enter the Mail Host Name. This is the Outgoing SMTP mail address required by your email provider.
  5. Enter the Username and Password for this email account if your provider requires authentication.
  6. Mark the box for the SSL if your provider requires SSL encryption.
  7. Enter the Port Number, if your provider requires a specific port number.
  8. Enter the No Emails/Minute. Your provider may throttle the number of emails that you can send per minute. If so, enter that number here.
  9. Click __SAVE __to save these settings.

gmail settings

In our FAQ's we have the required information for gmail, yahoo and Office 365 accounts.

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