Absent Present Report

Created: 11/01/2017Updated: 03/02/2018

The absent/present report allows you to find folks who have been absent so many weeks or who have attended so many times in a certain time frame.

To run the Absent/Present report:

  1. Expand the Groups menu.
  2. Click on Reports.
  3. Highlight Absent Present.
  4. On the Groups tab, choose the groups you are interested in considering.


  1. On the criteria tab, enter your absent present criteria. Enter how many weeks you wish to look back. Choose to find people who were absent or find people who were present. Enter how many times. absentpresentcriteria

  2. Next click on the Columns tab to choose the information you wish to include on the report. Double click on a column name from the left column to move it to the middle column. absentpresentcolumns

  3. Click GENERATE to run the report.


On the right side of the Report Output Window are actions that can be performed for the report.

  1. Click on PAGE SETUP to set your printer and paper size and orientation.
  2. Click on PREVIEW to preview the output. Do not send the report to the printer from this preview window, it will only send the first page to the printer.
  3. To change fonts, column sizes etc., click CUSTOMIZE. The report will be displayed in 4D View, Roll Call’s spreadsheet program. Make your modifications here.
  4. Click on PRINT to send the report to the printer.
  5. Click ZOOM IN to make the font in the report larger on your screen.
  6. Click ZOOM OUT to make the report font smaller on your screen.
  7. To save the report as a tab delimited file or html document, click SAVE. Enter the location and name of the file to be saved.
  8. Click SAVE SET to save the list of people for use later within Roll Call.
  9. Click CREATE LABELS to create address labels (3 across 10 down size) for this list of people.
  10. Click WRITE LETTER, to compose a mail merge letter to this list of people.
  11. Click EMAIL to send an email to this list of people or to email the report to another individual. If you choose Email people, it will send the email to everyone listed in the report.

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