Profile Settings

Created: 11/16/2017Updated: 11/16/2017

There are several key pieces of information that will need to be set in the People profile screen. If a person is on staff at the church, you will want to check the box for Staff. This will give them access to additional functionality in Roll Call Connect.

  1. Log into Roll Call as Administrator or Director.
  2. Expand the People menu.
  3. Click on Search Profiles.
  4. Enter the Last Name of a staff member and double click on their record.
  5. Mark the checkbox for Staff.
  6. The system will ask if you want to make this person a Connect Administrator. Answer yes or no.
  7. Click SAVE & CLOSE to save this information.

The other piece of vital information in a person’s record is their personal email address. The email address will be used as the username for anyone to log into Connect. Confirm that personal email addresses are present and valid for all folks that wish to use Connect. Also, make sure there are not 2 or more people that use the same email address.

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